The care for the environment and our surroundings is traditionally a responsibility of agriculture and horticulture. Naturally as tree-nurserymen we are even closer connected to the surrounding nature. Also in our company extra efforts have been made for a better living environment.

The use of pesticides has become a matter of course in our modern society. Because of the size of our company, our own environmental registration system did not suffice anymore, so in January 2006 we joined the MPS.

The care of the environment is the main objective. A reliable registration is the basis of this system. The choice of the least damaging product and correct use cause minimal harm to the environment. Constant training and follow-up of the legislation belong to the package.

In collaboration with some research institutes, like the Institute for Agricultural and Fisheries Research and the Research Centre for Ornamental Plants, much research is being done regarding new diseases and pests. Because of this specialized research we can intervene better in case a problem should occur.

We are also member of the Warning system for floriculture. This system informs nurserymen, landscapers and Public Green when a certain parasite appears and how to fight it best. Very clear info sheets regarding the pests concerned complete this system. At the same time we pay attention to a number of useful insects.