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Our tree nursery specialises in growing Buxus and Taxus both in open ground and in pots. Due to our extensive specialisation we can offer almost all sizes and shapes from our own production. The nursery currently covers an area of approx. 30 ha. The largest part is intended for the outdoor cultivation of Buxus and Taxus. We grow these plants in all sizes: from planting material to large solitary plants. The nursery is divided into different production locations, spread over 4 municipalities.


The container cultivation area amounts to approx. 6 ha. and is split up for planting material in a propagation greenhouse of 7,500 m2 and outdoor fields for Buxus and Taxus in pots. The available pot sizes vary from P9 to 500 litre pots. We have a large assortment of Buxus species and varieties at our disposal.


As a result of extensive research over the past few years, we have been able to build up a great deal of knowledge about assortment, fertilisation, crop protection and cultivation research, in close cooperation with various research partners.


Our breeding programme in Buxus , started in 2007, in cooperation with ILVO is the basis for the introduction of scientifically tested, better Buxus varieties. More info

Some characteristics of our company

Herplant BVBA is a nursery of Buxus and Taxus founded in 1985 by the 3 brothers Hermans. See

As a large production company, the focus was on a wide assortment of both Buxus and Taxus. With the start-up of the breeding department in 2007, a new direction was taken and research became an important focus in the company.

30ha.Nursery area
200Different species and cultivars
15Professional team
35Years of experience