Product range

Our nursery specialises in growing boxwood and yew in all sizes and shapes. Our specialties are pot-grown plants and a very extensive assortment of Buxus species and cultivars.


As a result of extensive research over the past few years, we have been able to build a vast amount of knowledge about assortment, fertilisation, crop protection and cultivation research, in good cooperation with various research partners.


Our breeding programme in Buxus , started in 2007, in cooperation with ILVO is the basis for the introduction of scientifically tested, better Buxus varieties.


BetterBuxus® is the brand name for resistant Buxus varieties, developed by Herplant BVBA, after an intensive breeding program. These hybrids have been obtained by classical breeding between different Buxus species.

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With our webshop we address private customers, with an extensive range of shapes and types of boxwood and yew. You will also find species that are not or difficult to obtain in your local garden centre.

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Via our four-language website we provide extensive and up-to-date care information about Buxus. All items such as planting, fertilisation, pruning and diseases are covered.

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