Boxwood for palm Sunday

in News, Uncategorized 22 March 2024

Every year, we traditionally deliver Boxwood branches to various parishes. This year, however, demand is exceptionally high, so we have supplied more than 30 parishes. Unfortunately, we find that in many parish gardens, parks and private gardens, Buxus has disappeared. This is mainly due to the invasive boxwood moth, which was able to run its course unhindered because the plants were not treated. Fortunately, treating this is quite simple and can be done with biological remedies, as found at

Buxus not only plays an important role in our folklore but is also crucial to our biodiversity. Research and targeted observations show that Buxus is one of the best plants for bees blooming right now. Especially early in spring, there is still little food available for bees, which is why Buxus’ high-quality pollen and nectar are essential for building up young bee colonies.