Bees and Buxus

in Research, Blog 19 September 2022

Buxus as a bee plant you may ask? Many people have no idea how important our native Buxus really is for our insect population. In recent years, highly loaded terms such as ‘biodiversity’ and ‘ecological landscaping’ are frequently used. Moreover, many environmental organisations give the impression that only our native wild vegetation is valuable and that non-native plants or garden plants, are overlooked when it comes to biodiversity. However, all garden plants also play an important role in our current ecosystems. Many insects and certainly bees need all plants to survive.

Please find attached an extensive article on our research on wild bees. My previous articles on the subject are also attached.

I hope you enjoy reading it!

P.S. The planting season is approaching and with the rain in recent weeks, it is the ideal time to plant. So don’t forget to think about the future of our bees by planting now.

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