Every production company has waste. However, by extensively sorting out this waste can be re-used perfectly. We have made a few extra efforts in recent years for this purpose.

  • landscape refuse is grinded and sieved out. The end product is top soil, very rich in humus, which is reused in our own nursery.
  • Plastic and paper waste is collected and processed separately.
  • Empty packaging of pesticides is collected separately(www.phytofar.be)
  • Waste oil of machines is collected by a licensed company.
  • Pallets and pallet boxes are reused and old pallets (packaging) are processed to firewood.
  • Old pots and culture trays are reused if possible or collected.
  • The limited residual waste is collected separately by a specialized company.

The development of low maintenance boxwood also contributes to having a smaller amount of reducing the waste. Indeed, since less has to be trimmed, less waste will be produced. Especially the low-growing own selections and ground cover plants provide few pruning waste.