Betterbuxus® wins gold Florall award at spring edition 2021.

in Trade fairs, BetterBuxus® 9 March 2021

We are very pleased to have won the golden award at the first digital edition of Florall with our Betterbuxus®.

Based on our very extensive botanical collection and our research in collaboration with ILVO, we started a breeding programme in Buxus. Our goal was to develop new species that are resistant to fungal diseases on Buxus.

With Betterbuxus® we achieved this goal and the first series of resistant Buxus varieties is being launched.

In the first years, sales will still be reserved for historical gardens in Europe, a few renowned plant centres and a number of exclusive garden contractors, because we are still building up the stock. Pruning forms will then follow in the following years so that gardeners can once again enjoy their almost maintenance-free Buxus. After initial research, our varieties also show an increased tolerance against the Buxus moth. You can find an extensive, scientific article on this subject on our website


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