Our nursery is specialized in growing Buxus and Taxus, in full soil and in pots. Because of our extensive specialisation we can offer almost every size and form from our own production. At the moment the area of our nursery amounts to ca. 30 Ha. The largest part is used for growing Buxus and Taxus in full soil. We grow these plants in all sizes : from liners to large solitary plants. The nursery is divided in several production locations, spread over four villages.

The container growth area amounts to ca. 8 Ha and is divided in a multiplying greenhouse of 17500 m² for plants and fields for pot-grown Buxus and Taxus. The available pot sizes vary from P9 to 500 litre. We have a large assortment of Buxus species and varieties. These can be viewed in our assortment garden, situated at the main entrance.

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